About The Artist

I am an Artist, Life Model. I have completed formal training in Fine Art and Teaching at university in Sunderland and Derby. I complete authentic work, to my own brief and I work to commission on public and private projects. I have exhibited my work throughout the UK, regularly showcasing work within Derby City Hospitals. I have also exhibited in India. I currently live in North Derbyshire with my husband, two living children.


As an Artist and Life Model, I have always held an interest in the human form and it often features in the art that I make. I am fascinated by the female form and when pregnant with my first child, I developed a deep interest in what the female body is capable of and the changing shape of the female figure.

My interest in motherhood, pregnancy, childbirth and child loss is explored in my artistic practice. In our modern world, the reality of motherhood is seldom discussed, less so, experiences of miscarriage, still birth and infant death. During my MA, I focused on motherhood and loss, creating artworks and installations as a visual interpretation of personal experience, data and research on death and child loss. I have also set up The Baby Loss Museum, which currently exists as a digital page of informative and creative expression on baby loss. 

It is important to me to be autobiographical in my work, and I often reflect on lived experiences. My artistic process usually begins with personal photographs, which are worked over and depersonalised with multiple layers of drawing, painting or digital painting. Both process and outcome are important when I am creating art and I use my creativity to explore my thoughts through the medium in which I chose to work.

If you are interested in discussing further; my work for exhibition or purchase, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Sara Brighty