About The Artist

I am an Artist and Life Model. The human form features heavily in the art that I create. I am particularly interested in investigating female parental experiences including pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding, the biological processes of creating life and the psychological effects of motherhood.

Process and outcome are equally important when I am creating art. There are elements of autobiography present in my work, as I intertwine personal experiences and family photographs with inspiration and influence from my research, to create images which communicate sensitive and personal maternal experiences.


Reflection upon personal experience of miscarriages and the loss of my young son, has influenced my research and direction. I challenge preconceived ideas of the expectation that all mothers are those with children and highlight that parenting is not only about gaining children but can be about losing them too.

When I carried out my MA in Fine Art, I continued to explore motherhood and loss, using photography, moving image, painting, drawing and sculpture to create installations as a visual interpretation of data and research on death and child loss. Images can be viewed here and a short video of this work can be viewed here.

My artistic process usually begins with the manipulation of tangible photographic images. These are often worked over and depersonalised with multiple layers of drawing, painting, and mixed media. A love of creating miniature pieces of art has also evolved into an ongoing creation of bespoke and unique pieces of wearable art. Both art and jewellery are available for purchase here.